Northern Spiny Tail Gecko

These hypnotic eyes belong to the Northern Spiny Tail Gecko, Strophurus ciliaris aberrans (Gekkonidae), a large gecko (up to 15cm long), endemic to western Australia. 

As suggested by their common and scientific names, these geckos have two rows of large spines down the upper surface of the tail, and a row of small spines above the eye. In fact, Strophurus means ‘turning-tail’, and ciliaris ‘eyelashed’, in reference to the spines above the eyes.

When molested, this gecko exudes a noxious sticky fluid from the glands in its tail.

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Photo credit: ©Jordan Vos | [Top] - [Bottom]

Locality: Gascoyne, Western Australia

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a pair of wild orcas swim past me. one gives a curious nod. life is magic in Wellington, New Zealand.

Literally my fucking dream right there.



I’m so excited because I found out today that this little guy exists

He’s a Western Blind Snake and he looks like a very shiny earthworm

That last photo, oh my goodness.

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Victims of sexual assault expect privacy. But 16-year-old Jada was violated all over again once explicit images from her rape surfaced on Twitter. So Jada decided to take her story public.

“There’s no point in hiding,” the Houston teen tells KHOU. “Everybody has already seen my face and my body, but that’s not what I am and who I am.”

I’m sharing this because certain people on twitter  NEEDS TO BE STOP! Specially the ignorant side of black twitter! Every time something bad happen to a young black women or black girl twitter is quickly to explode it into something bigger! And Jada story is one of them! She’s a 16 yearls high school student she could be your sister,cousin, neighbor, or classmate! This tragic thing happened to her and these ignorant people on twitter looking for followers exploit this to point where the disgusting hashtag was created #jadapose. People tweeting pictures of themselves in the pose in which Jada was found! What I find even worse about this its that a lot of the people doing these poses are young black men and women. Something like this happen to someone who could possibly be your sister and instead of asking for justice you rather create a new meme? And some of them even argue “oh how do you know she got rape?” Does it matter? a picture of an underage girl laying on the floor looking like she’s passed out is not something be laughed at EVER! Like ”A rape victim’s trauma is not grounds for a new internet meme. Pls do not partake in such ignorance. Report pictures.”

I’m happy and proud of Jada for speaking and not letting this disgusting thing becoming any bigger

Which brings me to what I’m trying to ask or say here when will sexual assault towards black girls and young black women will be taking serious by young black people?

This shit is fucking ridiculous.

It’s one thing if she was just passed out drunk. But the fact that she was SEXUALLY ASSAULTED negates all humor in what you are doing!

Like some shit isn’t meant to be made funny! We need to teach out people this!

Its sad that somebody could find humor in this.


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